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        About LILANZ
        The story of LILANZ began in 1987 when the visionary Wang brothers embarked on the production and wholesale of men's wear.
        In 1995, the inaugural chapter of LILANZ (Fujian) Fashion Co., Ltd. unfolded, marking the commencement of retailing men's fashion under the illustrious banner of "LILANZ".
        After three decades of unwavering dedication, LILANZ has evolved into a national beacon of men's fashion, encompassing design, innovation, production, and sales.
        In 2009, LILANZ achieved a pioneering milestone by becoming the first Chinese men's clothing brand to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, ushering in a new era of prosperity for Chinese men's fashion.
        As of 2021, we proudly reached a remarkable annual revenue of 3.38 billion RMB, with 2,733 retail stores throughout our great nation.
        As we enter 2023, LILANZ embraces a fresh visual identity, firmly emphasizing "minimalist men's fashion".
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        Tracing the journey of LILANZ's evolution, from its humble beginnings in a small workshop to its current stature as a comprehensive stronghold of Chinese men's fashion, involving research, design, production, and marketing; from initially focusing on a single product category to now offering a range of outerwear, innerwear, trousers, footwear, and accessories - LILANZ has consistently pushed boundaries and embraced innovation.
        Attuned to the pulse of consumers, LILANZ has tirelessly explored their needs and aspirations. Our quest: to offer consumers products that epitomize quality, design finesse, contemporary flair, and exceptional value. Our dedication: to lead the tide of popular fashion with craftsmanship and innovative design, guiding the public's sartorial journey.
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        “Less is More” – The LILANZ Brand Story
        Pioneering Fashion through
        Minimalist Design
        In the year 2000, Mr. Wang Liangxing, one of the visionary founders of LILANZ, drew inspiration from the prevailing "business casual" trend of the 1990s, pioneering the concept of "business casual menswear" and carving out a new category that would redefine men's fashion in China. Building on this innovative vision, LILANZ embarked on a transformative journey in 2016, centered around meeting the evolving needs of consumers and reimagining growth opportunities and business models. The result was the birth of the iconic LESS IS MORE series.
        Rooted in the core design philosophy of LILANZ, "LESS IS MORE" represents an embodiment of elegance in simplicity. This collection showcases minimalist, contemporary silhouettes, intricate product structures, and masterful craftsmanship, ensuring unrivaled comfort in every garment.
        In 2020, LILANZ discerned a novel wave in the realm of business and, through its collaboration with China Daily, ushered in a new era of business aesthetics. On November 18th, a pact was inked with the eminent Chinese writer, Han Han, marking a collaborative exploration of a novel era in business fashion.
        Creating Brand Character
        with Originality
        International Team +
        Fabric R&D Center +
        Amidst the backdrop of the present-day consumer elevation, LILANZ places paramount importance on the core essence of its products. We cultivate our unique original labels and foster a distinctive brand persona. LILANZ proactively leads the charge in the transformation of our brand. Presently, approximately 70% of our products are rooted in originality. In the realm of product development, LILANZ has established an in-house fabric R&D center equipped with fabric color-matching systems and fabric printing machines. From the inception of yarn, fabric, dyeing, and printing to the conclusive laboratory examinations, LILANZ maintains an exclusive and forward-looking stance in our processes. Our fabric journey commences at the very genesis of yarn, augmenting the flexibility of fabric development while efficiently managing costs.
        Furthermore, in 2012, LILANZ inaugurated an international R&D team, drawing inspiration and insights from the global stage to establish a high-end design team imbued with the quintessential "LILANZ DNA," reinforcing our commitment to original product design.
        Leading Channel Change
        with Innovative Thinking
        As early as 2013, LILANZ embarked upon the optimization and elevation of its channel blueprint, concentrating its efforts on flourishing shopping center deployments. As of the close of June 2023, LILANZ graced 842 shopping destinations, encompassing iconic venues such as Wanda Plaza, Vanke Mall, SM Supermall, Thaihot Plaza, and more.
        In the realm of new retail, LILANZ embarked upon a synchronized journey by opening online storefronts on platforms such as Tmall and JD.com. Simultaneously, we harnessed the power of online precision customer traffic statistics and sales analysis to invigorate our offline store expansion. This holistic approach heralded the integration of online and offline strengths, fostering a complementary synergy.
        The LILANZ LESS IS MORE series is specially designed for first and second-tier cities, artfully catering to the preferences of young consumers. Through the creation of a visual ecosystem, LILANZ offers consumers a warm and minimalist shopping experience defined by simple, avant-garde aesthetics and a lucid, concise style.
        Our minimalist, high-fashion product style, frequent style innovations, and unbeatable value proposition have attracted the favor of a multitude of urbane, young male consumers.
        Creating a New Experience through Core Values
        Core Values
        LILANZ has remained dedicated and committed to its core values, exemplified through our "Simple Yet Refined" design philosophy. With an unwavering stance on perfection, we embrace a meticulous approach to craftsmanship and pay meticulous attention to the smallest details. Our unwavering commitment to enhancing visual and sensory experiences resonates strongly with the younger generation.
        Driving Fashion Trends with
        Grand Vision
        36 years of dedication, 36 years of unwavering commitment. LILANZ stands tall on the pillars of forward-thinking, responsibility, and a consumer-centric approach. With a tireless pursuit of the spirit of the times, we stay rooted in our values while actively seeking progress. Our ultimate goal is to forge a fashion brand that withstands the test of time and positively impacts the lives of people worldwide, contributing to a better future for all.
        LILANZ remains steadfast in promoting the core values of "Cooperation, Openness, and Win-Win Outcome". We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, working closely with customers, partners, and fellow businesses to drive innovation, expand industry value, and cultivate a thriving and sustainable industrial ecosystem. Additionally, LILANZ is committed to spreading a positive Chinese brand influence by leveraging our core strengths, actively contributing to the growth of brand communities. Together, we strive to shape a brighter future for all.
        In 2021, LILANZ proudly unveiled the highly anticipated LILANZ Cultural and Creative Business Park. This visionary initiative serves as a hub for the convergence of fashion, arts, and creativity, fostering an inspirational ecosystem of collaborative sharing and business synergy. Our mission is to transform a walled garden into a thriving ecosystem of self-evolving diversity, upholding the grandeur that a national brand should possess. By staying attuned to the rapid pace of change, we set the industry in motion and propel further progress in our ongoing journey.
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